California Dentistry and Braces in Chino Hills Welcomes All Howard Alums

California Dentistry and Braces, headed by Loma Linda School of Dentistry graduate Dr Daniel Lee, DDS welcomes all Howard University students and alums. His Chino Hills dentist office is centrally located to most of SoCal. For those that don’t know, Chino Hills intersects Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties. Drop by for a consultation and see what a difference a beautiful, healthy smile can make.

Portland Dental PC Welcomes Howard Grads

With graduation coming up, many Howard University students will be returning home for the summer. The job market is particularly tough these days, so it’s important to look your best. If you’re in the Oregon area and looking for a Portland dentist, visit Portland Dental. Dr Fujii and his team will be more than happy to repair any dental problems you may have, including teeth whitening. Their office is located downtown, so access from anywhere in the city is easy.

Jamboree Dental Welcomes Howard Alumni

If you live in sunny Southern California, especially in Irvine, drop by Robert Don, DDS ( for a visit. Dr Don provides general and cosmetic dentistry. His office is close to the University of Irvine and all of Orange County. Unlike a lot of dentists, Dr Don will take the time to explain all of your options. He’ll tell which dental issues need immediate attention and which ones can be put off for a bit. Then he lets you decide how to proceed in a totally pressure-free environment.